Today we got a Player Review about Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He is maybe one of the most discussed players in this year’s FIFA 15 – because his skill moves were downgraded to 4 Stars. Ibrahimovic is among the Top 5 rated Players in FIFA 15 – with an overall rating of 90. The PSG Striker is one of the most spectacular strikers in the world.

Current price PS4 (29 oktober 2014): 724.000
Current price Xbox One (29 oktober 2014): 615.000

Fifa 15 UT: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Review

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not as expensive as in FIFA 14. This is because of his 4 Star skills and the fact that Pace is so important (for the most of the players) in Fifa 15. But Zlatan is still able to score insane goals with his crazy shooting and dribbling abilities.


– Finishing! He is an amazing Finisher in the Penalty box! If he gets the Ball – he will surely score it! His finishing is ridiculous. Especially his Ball control and Positioning are outstanding.

– Long Shots! Zlatan is still able to score from long distance – 88 Long Shots and 91 Shot Power – These are crazy stats for a Striker!

– Strenght! He is still a tank and is able to use his body to protect the ball! This is a deadly weapon in front of the goal to get rid of the defender.

– Agility! For his size Ibrahimovic is still very agile! That makes him so special!


– Pace! His Pace is not the best! Especially if you are playing vs. fast CBs or Full backs – it will be difficult to pass the defender without using a dribbling or skill move!

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