Every year, Ultimate Team players can get a winter upgrade. The FIFA 15 Winter Upgrades were announced on the 15th of February. It is always very exciting for FIFA players to see which players got a winter upgrade. Especially for traders who can make a lot of coins if they had chosen the right player to trade with, because the upgraded players will rise in price a lot. 134 players got an upgrade that will be shown in the table below.

FIFA 15 Winter Upgrades

Players who bought Eriksen before he got a winter upgrade will become very rich, because he has immensely risen in price. The same goes for Ruffier, Paul Pogba and most of the other upgraded players. If you want to buy any of these upgraded players, I recommend you to wait for another couple of days, because they will sink in price just as fast as they rose in price.

FIFA 15 - winter upgrades

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Let us know in the comments what you think about the upgrades. Did EA forgot some players to upgrade? Did all these players deserve an upgrade? What do you think?

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