Right after the new price ranging system was released, people thought that the Web App would get back. In fact, it didn’t.. EA seemed still afraid of the coin selling companies that would find ways to sell coins anyways. The automated buying systems could only work on the Web App.. Now, almost half a year later, EA hasn’t done anything to revitalize the web app. If you ask me, I consider the Web App ‘dead’ and I think they won’t get it back on track in the near future. Did the Web App ruin the game that much?

In my opinion, FIFA Ultimate Team was only fun because of the good mix of trading, creating squads and playing games. Now, the aspect of ‘trading’ is almost dead and that’s the reason why this good mix isn’t the best mix anymore. I hear you thinking: what has the web app to do with trading? We are still able to trade right? As a matter of fact, to do trading well, you need to use a computer instead of that very slow console. I don’t any know any FIFA player who made more than 10.000 coins per hour by trading on a console. So, the the Web App disappearance made trading almost impossible.

Though, the Web App was more than just trading. I knew a lot of people who loved the web app, because they could sign in by using the application on their phone and sell or buy some players to create a new squad. It was really easy to create some squads on your mobile phone till the moment you couldn’t use the transfer market anymore.

When the Web App disappeared, FUT ended up being just a game, not a whole day programm anymore. I really hope that EA will get the Web App back on track, so we can begin trading again!

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