This is my brand new trading series called trading to TOTS De Bruyne. In this series I am starting with just 500 coins and building myself up to the price of TOTS De Bruyne when he is released (Which I am guessing will be about 300K). Along the way, I will be giving you tips and tricks to help you improve at trading and become a better trader on FIFA 15 ultimate team!

The method I have been using so far in my trading to TOTS De Bruyne so far is the silver method, where I just put in the search with 1500 coins maximum and just search. I either bid on players who are qite expensive and can make a bit of profit on or players who are converted to their normal position or if they have a chemistry style as that boosts their price a couple of hundred coins and maybe even more depending on which chemistry style it is.

In the future I will be using many other methods such as the chemistry style method with gold players. I use the 3 main chemistry styles which are Hunter, Catalyst and shadow. What I usually do to try and find a good deal is just put in maximum price 2000 coins and just search go to about the 55th minute and above and look for any deals that I could quickly buy and make a profit on. I use these 3 chemistry styles as it boosts the players price by between 1.5K-2.5K. This is a very effective method but you have to be on at the right time as sometimes there may not be a deal.

Also, I will be using the LF and RF method where I use either silver or gold players and put in the search LF/RF and maximum price 1.5K-2K and search. Again, I go up to the 50th minute and above and see if I can find a bargain as people usually list their cards for 1 hour so they would have just been listed so not many people will see this deal so I cn quickly snatch the deal and make a decent profit, I use this method because there is no gold players who’s original position is either LF or RF so they have been converted and that knocks their price up by quite a bit.

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I will also be using many other methods along the way, but these will be the main one I will be using throughout the series to help me trade myself all the way up to that TOTS Kevin De Bruyne.


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