For a new trading method, we will look at the ‘Mass Bidding’. This method will earns you, if you do it properly, around 6k an hour. It costs therefore 10 minutes per hour. Are you interested in this rewarding trading methods? Read below and follow our simple steps to success!

  1. Choose a player with the following criteria:
    • Quite popular
    • A lot demand
    • Price above 2k
  2. Find out what his average Buy Now-price is. For example: 5000 coins. Take away the 5% tax of EA and you will be left with 5000 * 0,95 = 4750 coins.
  3. You want to make around the 200-250 coins profit per player, so you’ll need to bid on players for around the 4500 coins (in this specific case). 250 is not an enormous amount, but if you’ll bid on 100 cards, there are 25 left to sell (you will be outbid for around 75%). 25 * 250 = 6250 coins profit in only 10 minutes!
  4. Do this only once an hour, because otherwise you’ll noticed as price fixer!
  5. Don’t give up after a few days. If you try this out for a few weeks, you’ll notice how much you have earned!

Extra tip: Use this method not only for players, but also for consumables! Especially the high-selling ones are good to use, since there are enormous price fluctuations.

Let us know in the comments what your experiences are with this trading method and in the meantime, prepare for the TOTY! Read our ‘Trading and Tips during a Market Crash‘ to get in the perfect selling and buying shape! Do you want to know when the TOTY will be in packs? Read it here!

Picture is used under Creative Commons of Dwaine Sharples

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