Continuing with the TOTY releases. Today it’s the TOTY FIFA 17 Midfielders that got released. We know already the winners so we were only waiting for EA rating. Check out below in detail the three Midfielders that got voted for the best midfielders of 2016.

TOTY FIFA 17 Midfielders


  1. TOTY Luka Modric FIFA 17 cardLuka Modrić – CM : Modric got picked second year in a row. EA gave him OVR of 96. With the rating comes an price which is 1.6 million at the moment. His stats are of course over the roof with this upgrade. Two ratings(PAS,DRI) that were already good are now crazy. More interesting is how balanced Modric has become with this upgrade. His shooting and defense rating is now above 80 as well as his pace and physic. At the moment Modric is the best midfielder you can get in FIFA 17.
  2. Andrés Iniesta – CM : Iniesta is part of TOTY selection for quite some time now. So it was hardly a surprise he got chosen again. EA gave him 95 OVR. Iniesta is a playmaker and with this upgrade those ratings are even better. Dribble and Pass are both 97. Pace 80,shooting 82,ohicial 72 and defending 70. Price is 1 Million at the moment which is not bad for TOTY card.
  3. TOTY Toni Kroos FIFA 17 cardToni Kroos – CM : I was expecting to see Pogba at this spot but Toni seem to be more popular. As the above two Kroos is a playmaker so mainly his creation skills like passing are high. One problem that the above two don’t have is the lack of speed. Even with this high boost Kroos has Pace of 60. With his price at 1 million he is the best option if you are building a hybrid team combined with German players. Otherwise Modric or Iniesta are definitely a better option.

With TOTY forwards and Midfielders announced we have one more category to go and the full team.

TOTY FIFA 17  Goalkeeper & Defenders

Release date: Friday, 13th January, at 6pm UK until Sunday, 14th January, 2017 at 6pm UK.
Duration: 2 day

Full FIFA 17 Team of the Year Squad Release Date

Predicted release date: Sunday, 14th January, at 6pm UK until Monday, 16th January, 2017 at 6pm UK.
Duration: 1 day

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