Last group of this TOTY releases are TOTY FIFA 17 Defenders and Goalkeeper.  After this release se will continue to the total TOTY release which will be available soon. For detailed view of the Defenders and Goalkeeper read more below.

TOTY FIFA 17 Defenders and Goalkeeper

TOTY FIFA 17 Defenders

  1. Sergio Ramos – CB : Ramos is like Ronaldo and Messi quite some time part of the TOTY team. He is years now one of the top defenders in the world. In 2016 he helped his club to the highest honor in European club football and made an astonishing 140th appearance for his country. EA gave Ramos 96 OVR for this TOTY. Defender rating exploded to 97 and Physical to 96. Of course all the other ratings are quite high in this release as well. With an price of 1.2 Million coin Ramos is now most expansive defender you can get in FIFA 17.
  2. Gerard Piqué – CB : Was it the best performing backs in 2016? I don’t think so but his reputation and being on top for so many years give him then edge. TOTY event is popularity contest so Piqué got the most votes. EA gave him 94 OVR. Defending is on this card 95. Other ratings received a massive boost as well. Price is 465K which is quite Ok for an TOTY card.
  3. Daniel Alves – RB : I did not expect Alves in the TOTY but again the popularity of Barcelona and ex Barcelona Players is immense. Daniel got 93 OVR rating which is of course immediately heights rating for an RB. Pace, Passing and Defending are on TOTY card amazing. Wingers will have no chance against this level. 520K is a reasonable price for this level and position.
  4. Marcelo – LB : Marcelo is with no doubt the most popular Left back in the world. I was expecting him to be picked as he is still on top and playing well. EA gave him 93 OVR and with that his technical statistic are now insane! Pace 90, Dribbling 94 , Shooting 80 , Passing 94 , Defending 92 and Physicality 90. The balance of this TOTY card is crazy. He is after Ramos most expansive of the bunch with 900K.

TOTY FIFA 17 Goalkeeper

  1. Manuel Neuer – GK : In the last couple years Manuel is seen as the best GK in the world. Honestly currently Buffon is performing better but it’s the votes of the Pro’s that count. EA gave Neuer 98 OVR. I would say take a look at the in detail statistics but with no doubt there is not a better goalkeeper you can get in game. You do need 1.2 million coins to get him

With TOTY released in sequence we are now waiting only on the final full team release.

Full FIFA 17 Team of the Year Squad Release Date

Predicted release date: Sunday, 14th January, at 6pm UK until Monday, 16th January, 2017 at 6pm UK.
Duration: 1 day


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