So it’s that time of year again that everybody awaits from pretty much January after Team of the Year. The glory of Team of the Season (otherwise known as “TOTS”) so I’m here to give you the best tips to make your coins last and so you can get the TOTS player you want.

Step 1 – Are you going to open packs?

That is a question you need to answer now! Personally I’m not planning on opening anything but 100k packs and I have set account for that on my Xbox. Then on my PlayStation (Because coins are cheap) I have an account with loads of coins (so I can still get my pack addiction sorted) now I understand that most people either have a PlayStation or an Xbox and I have a few recommendations for people on each console.

There are a few categories when it comes to the FIFA player, the first one is the player that doesn’t spend any money on the game and earns their coins by trading or playing games, for those people, I recommend not opening any packs and instead waiting until a cheap but overpowered player that usually settles for around 30-50K (an example would be Immobile TOTS from last year) and pick them up and go from cheap TOTS to cheap TOTS until you find the one that is right for you, and if you are this type of player you also need to follow step 3

The second type of player is the one that spends an average amount of money on FIFA because they love the game and feel like they get their money’s worth and to them I suggest if you’re on the Xbox and already have anywhere between 500K-2M coins and you really want to open packs, I’d hold out till either 100k packs or that last week where all of the good ones get released but make sure you don’t blow all of your coins over the pure excitement of TOTS.

Now I don’t condone buying FIFA points but I understand there may be a few anti coin buyers on here, just as a safety precaution take off your credit card or whatever you use to buy anything on the store, until TOTS is over. If you already know you’re going to buy FIFA points Buy only MSP/PSN cards so you don’t go over your budget, you’ll thank me in the long run.
if you’re on the PlayStation and are a coin buyer, buy your coins now as they are insanely cheap, I suggest you get a friend to help you out, buy an account with however many coins you think is right and is in your budget, then get your friend to help you move your coins to your main account then open packs unless you have a TOTS player you really want, there isn’t really any point spending hours on the market trying to get a player because I can already tell that most of the players will be extinct. Now you have to be disciplined with the coins if you have 5 million coins on your account and plan to open packs, ration it out, many people I know get so excited over those blue cards that send all of their coins on the TOTS Most Consistent and then regret it in the long run so just be careful.

Step 2 – TRY to sell your club, and build a cheap team

I am aware that most players don’t sell but you need to try, list up anyone that goes for anything then buy a cheap team and a fitness team, if you’ve opened a lot of packs you’ll have a lot of consumables in your club i.e. Squad Fitness’s or contracts, you’ll be able to buy them so cheap in TOTS or pack a lot of them, that I suggest you sell them now and make some extra coins.

Step 3 –Accumulate your packs

It’s been a recent trend lately that EA have been realising a lot of tournaments that have pack rewards, now just a tip, they also have really good prizes in the single player section and if you ask me the computer is easier to beat then try-hards in online, now what you’re going to want to do is spam the tournament over and over again and keep stacking the packs and save them for TOTS, they are untradeable but would you complain about an untradeable TOTS Messi? I don’t think so. Now at the moment there is the Italian Cup, and I’m sure most people would have 18 Italian players in their club, you could even play some of them out of position and another tip is, if you’re in the semi-final and you’re down by 3 at half time and don’t think you can come back – just turn your console off, as theirs a glitch that allows you to do that and keep your progress in the cup. Then you can go back and win it and progress to get yourself that almighty pack.

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That pretty much sums up my tips for Team of the Season, so I hope you have a great day, and I’ll see you next time

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