With TOTS releases almost upon us it’s time for us to try to predict the outcome. We start with TOTS Predictions FIFA 17 Premier League. Check out below which players we expect to see back in this TOTS release.

TOTS Predictions FIFA 17 Premier League


De Gea – GK – OVR 90 > 95 Although the Reds did not have the season they were expecting and De Gea was not particularly in the picture this season he is still one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He was stable and did not make any mistakes this season. Again it’s the total team that is in the transition period which can’t be blamed on De Gea so I don’t expect EA to ignore him for the TOTS selection.


Marcos Alonso – LWB – OVR 79 > 85  With the Blues as clear favourite for the title it is of course clear that many player will be selected for the TOTS. Alonso fitted perfectly this season in the 3-5-2 system of Chelsea and played impressive football . Not only does Alonso have Chelsea’s impressive defensive record to brag about but also has five goals and two assists. It will be more odd that he get ignored than selected.

David Luiz – CB – OVR 84 > 89 As said Chelsea will be the main supplier of this year’s Premier luge TOTS. Luiz is not a goal scoring machine with just one goal behind his name this season but he does not have to. His defensive performance is what counts and that is more than outstanding. Luiz is currently one of the best defenders in the world and that shows with Blues defences records.

Toby Alderweireld – CB – OVR 85 > 90 I was considering to add here Azpilicueta but three blues defenders in the TOTS is unlikely to happen. Whit that said I looked further and came to Tottenham defence which has built quite a good record this season. With Toby at the heart of the defence who had played almost all the matches scored couple goals and assists. More important his consistency over all the matches is more than amazing. With passing precision rate of 82%. By the way one more thing to add is that Belgium is one of the main supplier of this season IF’s.

Kyle Walker – RB – OVR 82 > 87 Its between Rose and Walker here I would say. Both defenders paly a big role ins Suprs track record this season. But I think that Walker is going to make the cut with six assists behind his name this season.


Eden Hazard – LW – OVR 89 > 96 If you look in our database you will find 5 different cards. This shows how well Hazard is already doing this season. With 14 goals and 5 assists to his name and perfect record during the important matches there is no way EA will not select their Ambassador for the TOTS.

Dele Alli – CAM – OVR 82 > 92 Tottham has clearly developed quite a team during the last couple years. Alli goes from strength to strength and after last year you would have thought that was impossible, apparently not though with the Spurs midfielder managing an impressive 16 goals and 7 assists in an extremely strong title challenge from Tottenham. Alli has developed into one of the best players in the English league and will no doubt be for the foreseeable future.

N’Golo Kante – CM – OVR 83 > 92 This man is not for nothing on EA’s one to watch list. The man is everywhere! He is arguably the best in the world at what he does and with the reputation the Frenchman now possesses I fully expect to be included in this TOTS.

Sadio Mane – RW – OVR 82 > 92 It’s easy to see way I picked Mane if you look at Liverpool’s record both with and without Mane to realise just how important he is to them. There form dropped significantly when Mane went off to AFCON and had he remained with them who knows where the momentum could have taken them. Mane is good for 13 goals and 6 assists for a winger which has played 27 games I can say it’s quite impressive.


Romelu Lukaku – ST – OVR 84 > 93 With the likes of Aguero and Ibra running the division Lukaku goes under the radar. At least when you look at the hype. But if you ignore the hype you will see that the Belgian has made a real case though and is one of the best players in the BPL. Simply look at 24 goals and 6 assists in 33 games and you will understand way I picked him for this spot.

Harry Kane – ST – OVR 85 > 95  I must admit I was considering to add Ibra here as the guy has really delivered for Man united. But Kane’s performance simply outreach the hype surrounding Ibra. Harry has now had his third consecutive wonder season and it’s clear that he is here to stay. The Spurs striker boasted himself 20 goals and 5 assists in the 24 games he played. Also important to note the that the guy is just 23 years old so it won’t be long before you see him join the elite strikers in BPL history.


Tom Heaton – GK – OVR 78 > 87

Seamus Coleman – RB – OVR 82 > 89

Jan Vertonghen – CB – OVR  83 > 90

Kevin De Bruyne – CM – OVR 88 > 93

Christian Eriksen – CAM – OVR 85 > 93

Alexis Sanchez – ST – OVR 88 > 95

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – ST – OVR 90 > 97


Gareth Mcauley – CB – OVR 76 > 82

Joshua King – CAM – OVR 72 > 80

Gylfi Sigurdsson – CAM – OVR 82 > 86

Diego Costa – ST – OVR 85 > 94

This concludes my TOTS Predictions FIFA 17 Premier League.Stay tuned for more TOTS predictions and remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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