This time, we got a message from a starting youtuber to publish a post about the top 5 sweatiest players in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. We have put the list down below, thanks a lot: Tom!

Top 5 Sweatiest Players – FUT 15

Coming in at the Number 5 spot in the top 5 sweatiest players on FIFA 15 is Kyle Walker, the Spurs RB. He is one of the quickest and strongest right back’s in the game and by far the sweatiest defender in the whole of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team! If you come up against this guy, I don’t think you will stand a chance getting past him with his lightning pace and his strength, this guy is just like a brick wall.

Securing 4th place in my top 5 sweatiest players in FIFA 15, we have Daniel Sturridge the Liverpool Striker. This guy is rapid and scores lots of goals and is one of the most used players on Ultimate Team, coming up against him is a nightmare. He can run past your whole defense in the blink of an eye as he is lightningly quick and will score everytime you give him the chance, so watch out when you play against Sturridge, he is dangerous.

In the 3rd place in the sweatiest players in FIFA 15, we have Doumbia. One of the most clinical and quickest strikers on the whole game and that is why he is an extremely sweaty player to come up against (You don’t want to face this guy in a game of FIFA). Doumbia is one of the fastest strikers on the game and has been for the past couple of FIFAS; he is deadly. Don’t give this guy a chance at running at your defence or having a shot on goal, because he will do what he wants to do every single time.

Just missing out on the 1st place, we have Victor Ibarbo the newly transferred and upgraded card to FIFA 15. He is now a RW but is still as sweaty as ever, you know if you come up against him he is going to punish you if you give him the chance! This guy now has 4 star skills and is sweatier than ever. If you thought he was sweaty last year, then you haven’t seen how sweaty he is this year on FIFA. He is lightningly quick (even faster than Sturridge) and is very tall  and has a lot of strength!

And now, I present to you the sweatiest player on FIFA 15 ultimate team in my opinion, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s SIF ST card. This guy is rapid and has an extremely good shot. This is a very expensive card, but he is worth every coin because he will win you lots of games! With his trademark mask celebration, this guy will be scoring goal after goal for your team as he has an insane shot and blistering pace. He will score everytime you give him the chance, so watch out for Aubameyang!

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