Who are the best options to pick out for the LM/CAM/CM/CDM/RM spot in the Serie A? After this video you will know which player suits the best with your playing style.

Top 5 Midfielders Serie A – FUT 15

1. Arturo Vidal: He is in my opinion one of the most overpowered players in the game. Last year, his stats were very good and this year it is absolutely the same thing. Because of his versatileness, he fits in every Serie A squad and he can be used by every person, because you can’t do things wrong with this star.

2. Andrea Pirlo: He is a very good CM/CDM, although I have to say that he is not that good in FUT 15. He lacks pace and that is the reason why I don’t use him in my squads. Besides that, he is a really good passer and an OK finisher.

3. Daniele de Rossi: I have used him in my squads for years. In FIFA 13, 14 & 15, he has always been amazing and this year he is very complete. The thing I like most about him, is his defending. In most matches, he won’t be passed by his direct opponent.

4. Paul Pogba: Last year, he was really good and this is year he is worse in my opinion. I think he is a bit overpriced, because of last year when he was a good bang for your buck. He is still really strong and really good at defending, but he fell short in scoring goals.

5. Juan Cuadrado: This was the player that I have always wanted since the start of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. We have already written a review about him and I cannot say anything else about him than “the fastest all-round player in FIFA 15”. When you compare his FUT 15 card with his FUT 14 card, there’s one thing you immediately notice: his shooting stats have been upgraded!

Picture used under Creative Commens (Calcio Mercato)

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