Who are the best 5 (non-inform) Serie A goalkeepers in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (FUT 15)? In my opinion there aren’t really great goalkeepers in this competition, if you compare it to competitions like the Bundesliga or the BPL. But, there is still a top 5 of the best goalkeepers and you can read it underneath this intro!

Top 5 Serie A Goalkeepers – FUT 15

1. Samir Handanovic: He is the best goalkeepers of the Serie A, but only has a rating of 83. The goalie of Internazionale and Slovenia is only 1.5k coins and for that amount you’ll get a keeper with 87 diving and 85 reflexes. Worth the money!

2. Diego López: The former keeper of Real Madrid made previous summer a transfer to AC Milan. The Spanish goalie is rated second in this list and has also a 83 rating. His price lies around the 1k coins, which is really low for a keeper with 86 handling!

3. Gianluigi Buffon: This is in my opinion the best keeper of this top 5 if you want to build an Italian Serie A squad. The goalie of Juventus is rated 82 overall by EA, but his positioning is still, after many years, his 90 rated weapon. Buy him now for only 800 (!) coins!

4. Morgan de Sanctis: This keeper of AS Roma is also an Italian, but rated 79 by EA. He is in my opinion just an average keeper, so I won’t recommend it for your squad. His price lies around the same amount of coins you’ll need to pay for Buffon, but Buffon is much better!

5. Federico Marchetti: He was part of my Ultimate Team last year and he is pretty good for only a 79 rated keeper! You can buy him for only 450 coins, so that is pretty low! You’ll get a goalie with 81 diving for that.

Let us know what you think of this top 5 list!

Picture is used under Creative Commons of Calcio Mercato

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