Best right wingers in FIFA 16 are as well top players in the world ! So which right winger do you need to outpace or pass the defenders and score goals from outside the box? The right winger is one of the key players, he can come in from the side and shoot on goal or he can be used to give assists. Here below is our top 5 list which including a lot of fast wingers.

Top 5 RF/RW/RM Players – FUT 16

1.Lionel Messi – RW: The ultimate player in FIFA 16, but also the right winger of FC Barcelona. With overall rating of 94, dribbling of 95 Messi is the best winger who can be used to dribble from the right towards the box and shoot on goal. His pace is 92 which is more than enough to outpace any defender in the game. There is big down side to Messi and that would be his price as he is the most wanted player out there.

2.Arjen Robben – RM: One of our favorites as Dutchman, we love this player and he’s in our opinion one of the most stable performing RM in the last couple years. Although his is getting older Robben keeps getting better and better. He is incredibly fast with pace score of 92 and overall rating of 90. His biggest weakness are his injuries but if he can stay fit Robben is a great choice on the right side. We have already published an Arjen Robben review in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team as his stats are unchanged in FUT 16 this review is still applicable.

3.Gareth Bale – RM: Again one more amazing player with extreme raw speed. Bale scores on pace 94, so even a little bit faster than Arjen Robben and Messi. He is insane, although his dribbling is his weaker side with score of 84. So don’t use Bale much for dribbles but use his speed and crossing ability to feed your ST .

3.Hulk – RM : This guy is an absolute beast ! No he is not the fastest right winger but he is extremely balanced with overall score of  84. His physical is at 87 ,shooting at 87 and pace at 85 . If you like to build a beasty team than this is the ultimate RM for you !

4.Karim Bellarabi – RM : When it comes to good value for money Karim might be the guy for you. Plays decent games at Bayer 04 and for the game he has a good pace of 90. His dribble is fine as well with 86, but don’t push Karim to physical one to one as this is his biggest weakness.

5.Antonio Candreva: The last pick was the hardest. Many players on this level. We went for Antoni due to his great pace (90) , good dribble (86) and nice pass (78).  All together Antonio is a really nice substitute for Robben and does great value for money.

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