Everyone knows the moment: a penalty. But you may have a problem with scoring them, and that is not always your fault. There are some players in the game who suck at taking penalty’s, but on the opposite, there are also some players you want to take the penalty with! For the last category we decided to make a top 5, and you can read it below.

Top 5: Penalty takers – FUT 15

1. Rickie Lambert: This striker of Liverpool and the English national team is only 76 overall rated, but he is the best penalty taker in the game. His penalties are rated 95 by EA, so if you are struggling to score from this opportunity, try this player out! Other positive points about him are his strength (86) and his heading accuracy (85).

2. Cuauhtémoc Blanco: He is probably one of the oldest players in the game, with his age of 41, and he is only a 71 silver overall rated player. But, and this is one stat you will like about him, his penalties are 93! Also his free kicks are 85, so he is the perfect player to sub in when you are behind in the final minutes of the game. Notice that he is playing in the Mexican competition, so his chemistry will not be very good with your squad.

3. Mario Balotelli: ‘Why always me?’ Well, Mario, it’s because you have the third best penalties in the game. The summer transfer of Liverpool FC, who is only 82 overall rated, has a penalty of 92 rated. In real life he already showed that he has an almost unstoppable penalty, feel free to try it in FIFA 15!

4. David Villa: The current striker of Melbourne City, but after the winter the striker of New York City FC, is a 80 overall rated player, but his penalties make him worth checking: 92. He has also some other good stats, for example his finishing (84) and his ball control (84).

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: In my opinion the best striker in the whole world, and so in this top 5. He is 90 overall rated, and what isn’t possible for him? He is again nominated for the Puskas award with a beautiful backheel goal, and his penalties are also legendary. Due to that, EA decided to give him a 91 rated penalty.

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