The Bundesliga is well-known by almost every FIFA 15 player, but there aren’t that many players that create  Bundesliga squads. The problem with the Bundesliga is that they have a lot of good players, but most of them are very expensive. The same goes for this top 5 Bundesliga Midfielders list.

Top 5 Bundesliga Midfielders – FUT 15

1. Arjen Robben: I think there is no better player on the right wing spot than the Dutchman Arjen Robben. Only Juan Cuadrado is comparable with him, but Arjen Robben is better than him (when you look at his overall stats). Arjen Robben is fast, good dribbler and a good finisher with his left foot. His right foot is really bad and that’s why you have to cut inside (just like in real life). Read our Player Review about him!

2. Bastian Schweinsteiger: Unbelieveably good central midfielder. He is my favourite CM/CDM in the Bundesliga and I prefer him over Xabi Alonso.

3. Franck Ribery: Every single year there’s one problem with this player: he is too expensive so I can’t try him out. I have seen some footage and he was a really good player and he has the 5 star skill stars! I am going to review him soon, but firstly I need to get some more money by trading.

4. Philip Lahm: Lahm is a phenomenon. He is a true club player and he has a good personality (that’s what people say about him). Secondly, he is the best paid right back and in FUT 15 he is a CDM. This position suits him the best, because he is too good to play as a right back.

5. Marco Reus: So good in every single FIFA. This year he feels as good as in last year’s FIFA. That’s the reason why he plays in my current squad. I hoped that EA would give him the ST position, but he is really useful as a left winger either.

Picture used under Creative Commens (André Zehetbauer)

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