Who are the best 5 (non-inform) Liga BBVA defenders in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (FUT 15)? In this competition there are really great players, like Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Bale, James and many more. We’ve selected the top 5 defenders for you and you can read it below!

Top 5 Liga BBVA Defenders – FUT 15

1. Sergio Ramos: The hero of the previous Champions League-edition, by scoring the winning goal for Real Madrid, is the best defender in the Liga BBVA. He is rated 87 overall, but you’ll need to pay an huge price for him: around the 150k. His strongest points are his heading (86), his jumping (91) and his sliding tackle (90). He is a really useful defender, due to his attacking qualities and his pace!

2. Diego Godin: This player became really known after he played an incredible season, previous season, for Atlético Madrid. He made it to the Champions League final and was a lot in the rumours about a transfer. EA decided to give him a rating of 84, which is in my opinion too low. He deserved 85 or 86, if you look at his performances. His strongest points are his heading (87) and his sliding tackle (87). Buy him for only 1.1k!

3. Piqué: The husband of Shakira and central defender of FC Barcelona is the third player in this top 5. He is downgraded by EA, due to injuries last season, but he is still 84 overall rated! The standing tackle (87) and interceptions (88) are the strongest points of the defender who is only worth around the 2.3k!

4. Miranda: Another defender of Atlético Madrid featured in this top 5! Miranda is an amazing defender, who is upgraded every year since the start of Ultimate Team. EA rated him 83 overall this season and you can buy him for around the 900 coins, which is really cheap if you look at his stats. His strongest points are his sliding tackle (85) and his heading (86)!

5. Javier Mascherano: This player of FC Barcelona and the national team of Argentina is the fifth and final player in this top 5. He is rated 83 overall and is in my opinion the most balanced defender of this top 5, because he doens’t have some really bad stats like Miranda. His strongest points are his interceptions (92) and his agression and you can buy him for only 1.1k! Really cheap in my opinion!

Let us know what you think of this top 5 list!

Picture is used under Creative Commons of Jan S0L0

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