EA released in FIFA 14 the so called Legends on Xbox (360/One), which are players from the past who made a great name. In honour to them, we decided to make a top 5 for them, which you can read below!

Top 5: Legends – FUT 15

  1. Pelé: This Brazilian beast tops, of course, this top 5. He is rated 95, the highest (non-inform) player in the game! His stats are absolutely outstanding, for example: Acceleration (95), Sprint Speed (95), Ball Control (94) and Volleys (90). With his 5 star skills and 4 star weak foot he is THE player you want to have in your team. Oh, and one thing, he costs around 15 million coins!
  2. Franz Beckenbauer: Beckenbauer, the German center back who made fame for the National Team and Bayern München (still the president there), came in second. 93 rated and a pricetag of 8 million, but you will get a defender with amazing tackles (96), outstanding heading (90) and almost perfect long passing (94).
  3. Paolo Maldini: Also a center back, but this time for the Italian squad! Probably best known as player of AC Milan, the 92 rated defender. He has got the same tackling skills as Beckenbauer, but in my opinion is Maldini the better defender of the two. Buy him now for ‘only’ 8 million coins.
  4. Franco Baresi: The second player of this top 5 from Italy. Baresi was added not so long ago, so there is no price known for him! Nevertheless, this center back with a 92 overall rating and outstanding ball control (89) will be around the 8 million. The is not so good as Beckenbauer and Maldini, but you this guy will always be a starter if you pack him!
  5. Marco van Basten: The Dutch hero, who helped the Netherlands winning the European Championship of 1988 is the final player of this top 5. Known for scoring one of the most beautiful goals, he is the second best legendary striker in the game! With a rating of 91 and a price tag of around the 6 million, he is an awesome buy for your team! Some stats: Volleys (97), Shot Power (97) and Heading (90). Simply amazing…


Do you agree with this top 5? Let us know in the comments!

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