There are only 29 five star skillers in the new FIFA 15, but we made a shortlist for the five best of them. If you are interested in doing skills with players in you FIFA Ultimate Team, feel free to try these players out!

Top 5: Five star skillers – FUT 15

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: This player in the number one in many lists, and he also tops this list. The Portugese superstar who gained the Golden Boot last week is the highest rated player with 5*-skills. He is 92 overall rated and you can read our player review about him here: Cristiano Ronaldo Player Review.

2. Franck Ribery: This player with the French nationality, who currently plays for Bayern München, is the second best five star skillers in FIFA 15. He is with a 88 overall rating one of the best players in the game, and so does his price: 320.000 coins. Only a few players can reach that level of pricing.

3. Neymar: Again a player who earns his money in the Liga BBVA, the Brazilian talented left wing Neymar Jr. Currently playing for FC Barcelona, where he forms the attacking line-up with Messi and Suarez, but Neymar has the advantage that he is the only  one who has 5*-skills. He is 86 overall rated. We have written a player review about him, you can find it here: Neymar Player Review.

4. Juan Cuadrado: This players was also in the previous top 5, about the best RF/RW/RM-players, and this time he earns his place also! With a 83 overall rating he is pretty good, but his pace (93) combined with his 5*-skills makes him a perfect right midfielder. He currently plays for Fiorentina.

5. Nani: Nani, the former star of Manchester United, who now plays for Sporting Lissabon, is the number five in our list. He is one of the best skillers in the world, but is overall ratings is just above European standards (I believe), because it’s only 81. That’s probably the main reason for the transfer to Lissabon.

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