The top 5 fastest player in FUT 15. Which player is the fastest in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team and who is the runner up? This page is all about PACE! In this game, there’s only one aspect of a player which can be decisive and that’s speed/pace! Be honest, do you prefer a fast player with bad skills or do you prefer a very strong and skillful player with no pace? Let us know in the comments!

Top 5 Fastest (Highest Pace) Players – FUT 15

1. Mathis Bolly: plays for F.Düsseldorf and is 24 years old. The special thing about this player is that he is only bronze, but.. He has 97 pace! His sprint speed is 97 and the same goes for his acceleration. His price is a bit out of proportion in my opinion, because he currently goes for more than 10.000 coins. I’m not sure whether his price will drop or not, but if so, I will make a good squad around him and publish my opinion about this fastest Ultimate Team player.

2. Jonathan Biabiany: The best right winger when it comes to price-quality relation. He is worth roughly 5000 coins and in my opinion this is a good deal for the runner-up in de pace segment. He has 96 pace and he is a really good dribbler as well (84 dribbling) and that’s the reason why I will make a squad around him soon.

3. Theo Walcott: Almost every year this player is in the top 5 fastest players. This year he ended third and besides that, he has a good agility and reactions which makes him a very dynamic player. His price is 12.5 thousand coins.

4. Dominic Oduro: The perfect striker when you want to build a bronze team. He comes from Ghana and he has 95 pace.

5. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: Last year, he was a striker in FIFA 14, but now he is a right midfielder. He is a good finisher (84 finishing) and he is worth 14.5 thousand coins.

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