Beautiful goals in FIFA are mostly scored from outside the box, and they are called ‘Long Shots’. There are only a few players in the game who are really good at this skill, and we decided to make a list about them. Read it below this few lines of introduction!

Top 5: Distance shooters – FUT 15

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: The beast of Real Madrid and the second best player in this game, is the best distance shooter in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. He is 92 overall rated, but his long shots are 93 rated and that is by far the best in the game. He is really expensive, but he is absolutely worth it. You can read his player review here!

2. Arjen Robben: The Dutch superstar, in my opinion the best winger in the world, is rated second in our top 5! With his 90 overall rating and his 90 long shots, the right winger of Bayern München is deadly from outside the box. We have also written a player review about him, you can read it here!

3. Hulk: He is the star in our featured image, for the ones who doesn’t understand that. He is famous for his amazing free kicks from long distance, but the 83 overall rated player of Zenit has also 90 long shots. This is equal to Robben’s stats, but Robben is rated higher overall.

4. Marco Reus: The German forward, who has won the World Cup previous summer, is the fourth player in this list. He has a amazing shot from outside the box, and EA decided to give him a 89 rating for long shots. Borussia Dortmund is of course really happy with the 86 overall rated Reus, because he is the only player left from the ‘Amazing Three’ (Reus, Lewandowski and Götze).

5. Alberto Costa: This midfielder from Argentina is the most unknown player in this list, but he has 89 long shots! This makes him the fifth best player in FIFA 15, if you look at the long shots. Costa, who currently plays for Spartak Moskou, is 80 overall rated.

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