We have already published the Top 5 BPL strikers in FUT 15. This time, we have chosen to write about the Top 5 Bundesliga Strikers in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. These players are absolutely ‘must-haves’ when you decide to build a Bundesliga squad.

Top 5 Bundesliga Strikers – FUT 15

1. Robert Lewandowski: This former Borussia Dortmund player (currently: Bayern München) is by far the best Bundesliga striker. He is a good at almost everything what is needed to be a good forward. He can score goals from outside the box and he is a good dribbler. He is by far my favorite ST in the German competition.

2. Klaas Jan Huntelaar: I have tried him once in a Bundesliga squad, but he has really disappointed me. He was ways too slow and he wasn’t the consistent goal scorer I was looking for. He has a good shot, but he in most cases, he is out of position..

3. Stefan Kießling: This is one of the players that cause so much irritations when you play against him. He isn’t good and the only thing he can in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is scoring goals by using his head. He is a really good buy if you want someone who can score you goals from corners. He wasn’t good enough to participate in our top 5 headers list.

4. Ciro Immobile: I prefered him as a Serie A player, because last year he was better. He isn’t the perfect striker, because he hasn’t “one” outstanding stat.. Everything is at the average and that’s why I wouldn’t make a team around him.

5. Adrian Ramos: He is the second striker I would pick after Lewandowski. In contrast with Immobile, Ramos has an outstanding stat: his pace. He can easily outpace defenders and that is what I need in FUT 15. He is really apt for this game and I commend you to try him out.

Picture used under Creative Commens (Damian Koscieza)

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