The top 5 best strikers in Ultimate Team in the Barclays Premier League. Which players have the best ratings and are unbeatenable in FIFA 15 UT?

1. Radamel Falcao: This player is absolutely the best Barclays Premier League striker in my opinion. He has an unbelieveable shot from distance and he is clinical in the box. He has decent pace and he can score headers as well, because of his good jumping. If that’s not enough: He has 4* skills and weak foot which makes him the best BPL striker.

2. Robin van Persie: The same kind of a player as Falcao is. Both playing in the same team and both very clinical. Robin van Persie is a really good dribbler and an OK passer.

3. Sergio  Agüero: This player is the most allround striker in the BPL: he is fast (88 pace), is a good dribbler (88 dribbling) and he can easily pass a goalkeeper (86). His only weakness is his heading which isn’t comparable with players like van Persie/ Falcao.

4. Wayne Rooney: This player differs with the one above, because he has the best passing stat. You could play him as an CAM/CF as well in my opinion.

5. Diego Costa: The monster of Chelsea. Already scored 7 goals and that’s the reason why EA gave him his unbelieveably good stats: this man can outstrengthen every other player on the pitch, because of his 88 physical stat.

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