Who are currently the best 5 BPL midfielders in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (FUT 16)? This top 5 list consists of the best 5 midfielders on the LM/CDM/CM/CAM/RM spot. We have already published this list for the striker position and defenders in the Barclays Premier League.

1.Eden Hazard – LM : Is still unbeaten number 1 when it comes to BPL midfielders. This player is unbelievable. He is in our opinion the most useful winger in the game because of his great pace and good all-round shooting. He is able to surprise you by his outstanding dribbling and he feels almost as good as Cristiano Ronaldo. He got also +1 upgrade for FIFA 16.  They only down side about him is the price.

2.David Silva – CAM: He has the highest rating according our database behind Hazard. With the amazing trough passes the prefect midfielder to support your strikers. He lack the speed so it is advisable to combine hem with a fast striker who can uses the advantage of Silva’s passes. Although he lacks the speed Silva can compensate that with his great dribble and still pass the defenders.

3.Cesc Fàbregas – CM : Is the third in line in the BPL and like Silva he is a great passing player. Also Cesc has a great dribble and an decent shoot, making him ideal  player to back your strikers.

4.Alexis Sánchez – LW : His overall rating is 86 but in our opinion Sanchez deserves to be at least behind Hazard. No his pass is not as good as Silva or Fabregas but Sanchez has a complete package with all high ratings. His is fast , can dribble , shoot and even his pass is not that bad. So if you have the coins, Hazard and Sanchez in you BPL team is one hell of a combination.

5.Kevin De Bruyne – CM : When it comes to overall rating there are two players above him in the BPL data base but for our list we feel that de Bruyne deserves a spot on it. He is just amazing and last season the best player in the Bundesliga. Also in BPL Kevin had a great start getting two IF in just couple weeks of play. He is still decently priced when you compare him with above players and an easy recommend for your BPL build.

Let us know who you think is missing in or list in the below comments.

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