Who are the best 5 (non-inform) BPL midfielders in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (FUT 15)? This top 5 list consists the best 5 midfielders on the LM/CDM/CM/CAM/RM spot. We have already published this list for the striker position in the Barclays Premier League.

Top 5 BPL Midfielders – FUT 15

1. Eden Hazard: This player is unbelieveable. He is in my opinion the most useful winger in the game because of his great pace and good all-round shooting. He is able to surprise you by his outstanding dribbling and he feels almost as good as Cristiano Ronaldo.

2. David Silva: He has the highest rating according our database behing Hazard. He is not my ideal left midfielder because of his lack of pace, but he can be used to give good over the top through passes or you can use him to give assists from the wings.

3. Angel di MariaThe Manchester United player has adapted his playing style (and language) to Manchester United and now he is used as a CAM by Louis van Gaal. He does a great job there, but I prefer him on the wings, because I think that there is no need for a lot of pace on the CAM spot. He is a good dribbler, pacer and he has OK finishing.

4. Yaya Touré: He is such a beast. He is the No.1 BPL midfielder I would buy for the CM/CDM spot. He can’t be pulled off the ball, because of his 90 physical. Secondly, he can score goals and he has really good defending stats.

5. Mesut Özil: He is in this list because of his fifth highest overall rating, but I have to say that he doesn’t deserve a place him. His shooting is really bad and he isn’t that fast. His strong point is his passing, but I think that you have a lot of players who are cheaper than him that suits better in your squad.

Let us know what you think of this top 5 list!

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