Who are the best 5 (non-inform) BPL goalkeepers in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (FUT 15)? In my opinion there are a few surprises in this list, because I wasn’t thinking of them as they belong to the five best goalkeepers in the BPL! Are you curious? Below you can find the answer!

Top 5 BPL Goalkeepers – FUT 15

1. Thibaut Courtois: This place is really deserved for the Belgian goalkeeper of Chelsea. While he was on loan at Atlético Madrid, he became one of the best goalkeepers of the world, and now is his time to shine for the Blues! EA decided to give him a 86 overall rating, which makes him the best goalkeeper in the BPL! His strongest point is his reflex, rated 88.

2. Hugo Lloris: The French goalkeeper, who is in the featured image, is second of this list. The goalie of the Spurs and the national team is rated 85 overall. He is much cheaper than Courtois, because Lloris is ‘only’ 23k! His reflexes are rated the same as by his Belgian concurrent, 88.

3. Petr Cech: Many years he was the first keeper of Chelsea, but now the time has come for the number one in this list. Nevertheless is Cech rated third in our top 5, which is already a positive thing. He is rated 85, and only 14k! Worth a buy, in my opinion! His strongest point is his handling, rated 84.

4. De Gea: This player has already got two IF’s, and is my opinion really OP in FIFA 15. He is just like Joe Hart was in FIFA 13, it is really, really difficult to score at his goal when he stands there. EA rated him 83, and for the 8k you need to pay for that, you’ll get an amazing goalie.

5. Tim Howard: This is in my opinion a surprise, because I thought that Joe Hart would be on this spot. But well, if you look at the previous World Cup, Howard deserves it! His performance for the US was amazing, and EA rewarded with a 82 overall rating. His strongest point is his diving, 84.

Let us know what you think of this top 5 list!

Picture is used under Creative Commons of Xavier NALTCHAYAN

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