Today I’ve got a 3 League Hybrid Squad Builder for you! This Squad includes 3 different Leagues and some Players are really overpowered in this Game! This squad is cheap as well – so make sure to check it out for example as a Fitness Team!

Multiple League Hybrid Squad Builder – FUT 15

My thoughts about the players:

Fährmann: He is one of the tallest Goalies from the Bundesliga – he is not the best rated goalkeeper – but I used him a lot so far and his performance is incredible! He has great reflexes and is able to catch a lot of crosses/corners!
Sokratis: “Papa” is one of my favourite Center Backs in Fifa 15! He is fast and his Defending and Physical stats are crazy!
Rüdiger: The only silver Player in this squad – but he is solid as well! A young german Center Back – and why have I chosen Rüdiger? Yes – 80 Pace – he is a MACHINE!
Großkreutz: Kevin Großkreutz is a cheap beast! Every single rating is over 70 and as you can see in the Video down below – I have scored an amazing long shot goal with him!
Aogo: I haven’t played Dennis Aogo in this years Fifa 15 yet. But he was a surprise! Definitely check him out – or possibly even his IF Card!
Herrera: He was not outstanding – but did his job on the CDM Position! I like the H/H Workrates when I am playing with 2 CDMs.
Quintero: A player with a lot of potencial – especially when he is on the ball! His Dribbling is great and he is fun to use with the 4 Star Skill moves!
Aboubakar: Wow! What a tank! He is strong, fast and his finishing is ridiculous! Give this guy a try – he won’t disappoint you.
Inler: Solid performance on the CDM Position! Unfortunately I was not able to get in position with him for a nice Long Shot goal.
Callejón: Great Player on the CAM Position! I think with 4 Star Skill moves this card would be perfect! But still a nice Player!
Mertens: Dries Mertens is the main man in this Team! He is a great player – normally a CAM – but I used him as a Striker and he was stunning! Check him out!

You can find more about this squad in the following video! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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