Which skill moves do exsist in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team? The list below shows you which skill moves you can use and how many skill stars are required to do them.

All Skill Moves – FUT 15

1* Skill Moves: Ball Juggle (while standing) & Foot Fake (while standing)

2* Skill Moves: body feint, stepover, reverse stepover, ball roll, Drag Back

3* Skill Moves: Heel flick, Flick Up, Roulette, Fake Right -> left and vice versa

4* Skill Moves: Ball Hop, Ball Roll Cut (right/left), Heel to Heel Flick, Normal Rainbow Flick, Advanced Rainbow Flick, Faint Left and Exit Right, spin to both sides, stop and turn right & Vice Versa.

5* Skill Moves: Hocus Pocus, Elastico, Reverse Elastico, Triple Elastico, Ball Roll and Flick Left, Quick Ball Rolls, Sombrero Flick, Rabona Flick, Elastico Chop & some five star juggling moves that aren’t useful.

I would recommand you to watch this video, so you can practice every single skill move in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

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