Welcome to a new concept on www.allaboutfifa.com! We introduce you the shooting guides with a few handful tricks about making the perfect shot at every corner of the pitch! This week: Regular shots.

FIFA 15 Shooting Guides: Regular Shots

Shooting has changed a lot in FIFA 15. If the tricks you used in FIFA 14 were successful, it is no guarentee that they will work on FIFA 15. You’ll need to find the new ways of shooting, and because of that, we decided to make a shooting guide. Every different way of shooting the ball towards the goal is discussed and hopefully you can score a load of goals again!

How do you perform this shot?

  • On the Xbox: Press the ‘B’ button
  • On the Playstation: Press the ‘Circle’

What is special about this shot?

In my opinion, the most special feature about this shot is that you can score ‘really easy’ from an difficult position. Especially in FIFA 15, the regular shot is, when aimed on the near post, almost impossible to defend or stop for you team.

When do you use this shot?

This shot will work the best in these two situations:

  1. When you’re inside the penalty area, you can shoot with the regular shot. Don’t press the button too hard, because the ball will easily get over the bar. It will costs a few moments after you’ve found the perfect amount of shooting power for every situation, which will become natural if you are more experienced.
  2. The regular shot is also perfect for players who are good with both feet. You can see that if you look at the amount of stars that is given for their weak foot. For example: Neymar has a five star weak foot (5*), so the regular shot will suits him perfectly.

In the table beneath you can see every player who has earned a five star weak foot:

FIFA 15 five star weak foot

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In the next episode we will learn you everything about the ‘Long Shots‘, a skill that has made a lot of Youtubers famous!

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