You all know that moment that you’re breaking through the opponent’s defence and then the only skill that your striker isn’t good at, is pace. The only thing you can do is try to score from outside the box. Therefore, you need to use the right player and the right amount of power. Here you can read everything about the longshot skill and how to optimize your longshots in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

The player requirements:

  • The player you wanna use, needs to be good at shooting of course!
  • The players with the long shot trait are the best to use for long shots.

Step-by-step: How To Get The Ultimate Longshot in FUT 15

1. Creating space: It is very hard to create the perfect opportunity, but you need to create some space for your player to be able to do a good longshot. If there are lots of players around you, then it’s not the right time to shoot. You can do fake shots to create some space. To get rid of the opponent’s deffenders, you can use skill moves.

2. Get in the right position: It is important to realize whether your striker is right or left-footed. If your player is right footed, don’t use his left foot to long shot, because that won’t work out. You need to use his right foot, so try to get some space and use his right foot.

3. Don’t underestimate the power bar: In this year’s FIFA, the power bar is really strange. When you are in the box, a short tap on the shooting button is enough to finish a ball in the top right corner. The same goes for long shots: when you want to score them, try to get 2,5 bars. If you have less, you won’t score them. If you have more than 2,5 bars, the ball will fly over.

If you’re wondering: “Who is the best long shot taker?”, you can read our top 5 long shot takers post. The player that is the best at this skill, is (of course) Cristiano Ronaldo. He is unbelieveably good at this skill and besides that, he can easily outpace a defender to create space for a long shot.

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