Rooney FIFA 16, the unique Manchester United superstar

Since I have not done a player review in quite some time and there are quite some changes in FIFA 16 I have decided to write a new review on Wayne Rooney.

Wayne Rooney FIFA 16 Player Review – FUT 16

If you love to play the game with physical players than Rooney is an striker you should add to your short list. The man is made for the physical game and still having reasonable speed. Now let’s get in to details.


[9/10] – As stated above when it comes to Physical Wayne Rooney is your man with a massive score of 89 for his stigma and aggression. Advantage of his high stigma is being able to do a lot of runs with him. His strength is 85 and jumping is at 81 which brings his overall Physical at 87. Pushing the opponent in one on one situation is not a problem the same with scoring headers.

Shooting [9/10] – His shooting is just below his physical but overall great with total score of 86. Rooney volleys are one of the best in the game with 89 and shooting power of 88 is just amazing. With positioning of 87 ,finishing of 86 and long shots of 85 make him the great shooter in FIFA 16.Also with his 4 Star skill weak foot.

Dribbling [8/10] – For physically strong player Rooney is surprisingly good at dribbling. No he is not Messi or Ronaldo but with overall score of 81 he can pass his opponent when need by also using his physical.

Passing [8/10] – When it comes to passing Rooney won’t disappoint you either. With his long pass of 85 and his vision of 83 Rooney can assist your other players  with scoring goals. Scoring from an free kick should not be a problem as well with 84 for free kick accuracy  and curve. Crossing is his weakest point here with 78 but if you play with him correctly in the ST/CF then this should not be a problem.

Pace [7/10] – His pace is about as average, but if you played too his strengths it should not really matter. He’s not the quickest ST around but he’s not that bad, I think the 75 pace really deters people from using him but because he has great dribbling, he doesn’t feel that slow. And beside great distance shooting should compensate for the lack of pace.

Defending [5/10] – For an ST this is totally not important skill only heading accuracy can be counted I would say and Rooney scores there 80 so not bad at all.

Rooney Fifa 16 ST 86

Rooney FIFA 16 vs Rooney FIFA 15.

Physical 87 vs 87

Shooting 86 vs 87

Dribbling 81 vs 83

Passing 81 vs 82

Pace 75 vs 76




Overall rating of Rooney in FIFA 16 vs Rooney in FIFA 15 has not change but it’s clear that some of his strong points are rated less in FIFA 16. Not odd as Rooney is getting older and to be honest you can see that in his real game as well. His defending is up by 3 points in FIFA 16 so that is way he still rated 86.

Rooney Fifa 16 ST 87 IF

IF Rooney FIFA 16. So far Rooney received one IF in FIFA 16 with rating of 87. If you got this one for TOTW pack you are really lucky as his skills are all upgraded by 2 points. Huge tradeoff is the price if you want to buy this version as you will need to spend 150.000 coins so 10 times more than his normal price. I would say not wort it even for big Rooney fans.

So to sum up this review. Massive physical and amazing shooting skill. Great dribbling and passing. Yes you can question his current game at Man United but in FIFA 16 Roo

ney is still great. His overall balance is amazing with all the ST needed skills in high eighties! Pace tradeoff is his is well compensated by his other good abilities and for the average price of 15.000 coins (you can even get him cheaper) he his is a great buy for your BPL or hybrid team. If you ask me he is quite cheap for what he has to offer in FIFA 16 at the moment.

Overall Rating [8.5/10]

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