Renato Sanches FIFA 16, the biggest talent of Euro Cup 2016.

Renato Sanches is one of those players that were unnoticed till the Euro Cup this year in France. FC Bayern München was immediately there to sign him. So we are going to have a look at this players current stats and what to expect of him in the future.

Renato Sanches FIFA 16:

Sanches is still not in the FUT 16 database but you can find him in our FIFA 16 career database. Now let’s have a look way FC Bayern allegedly paid 35 million euro for this player. At the Euro 2016 Snaches gave us nice glance of his future potential. If you did not watch the Euro Cup have a look at this short video:

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Thing to note was how strong he was on the ball. So let’s have a in depth look at his current stats.


[8/10] – For his age Sanches has already great Physical of 85. Mainly his Stamina of 91 and Aggression of 90 are impressive. His Strength 81 and Jumping 74 are not bad as well.

Pace [8/10] – Sanches is not only a power player but he is fast was as well (81). Sprint speed (84) and Acceleration (77) . Potential enough to develop this too a lot more. In game though it’s not really reflecting in my opinion.

Dribbling [7/10] – Renato can dribble that is for sure and again the boy is just 18. His total Dribbling is at 77 which is not bad. Balance is 81 , Agility 80 , Reactions 80 and Ball control 75. But from what we have seen this is going to go up for sure.

Shooting [7/10] – From here the stats go down. Sill they are not bad but need some improvement which we expect to see in FIFA 17. Current his Shooting is at 72. Mainly his Shot Power is interesting with 85. Also Long shot of 77 is not bad.

Passing [7/10] – Renato’s passing is overall at 70. So in game he is currently not a great player to feed your attackers. But when you look at his Short Passing of 76 than you see the potential their as well.

Defending [7/10] – Last is the defending skill which is at 67. Sanches being a CM is not his most important trait but still quite needed. The way he was winning balls during the Euro 2016 we can expect to see a boost from EA here as well.

Renato Sanches expectaton for FIFA 17

Bayern paid quite some money to get this player so the expectation are quite high. Now his OVR in game is 75 but for the next season we expect to see a boost exceeding 80 OVR. There are many arguments and speculations, other sites have even already boosted his stats but EA remains quiet about it. In fact he is not even part of FUT now and was not part of EU team of the tournament.

So what can we really expect ? PHY 86,PAC 82 , DRI 81 , SHO 79 , PAS 75 and DEF 70. It remains a guess of course . But upgrade of couple points in all his traits can be expected for sure. Definitely when we look back at his performance during the Euro 2016. But I’m curries what you guys think about it ? Let me know in the comment below.

Renato Sanches possible FIFA 17 Card FUT 17 card

This concludes my Renato Sanches FIFA 16 player review.

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