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In this Review, I am going to review Goldah. This is a wellknown coin selling company that is very popular across the whole world. It is one of the biggest coin sellers and they have always enough coins in stock. Another big plus of this company is their help desk. They have good and fast mailing responders and I love their live chat. Sometimes, you need to wait several minutes before you will be helped by someone from the live chat, but their professional and good responses are totally worth the waiting time in my opinion. I didn’t receive my Playstation 4 FIFA Coins one time, but in a very short time span, they gave me a new account and the whole problem was solved. I was surprised how fast they delivered the coins and that’s why I recommend you to buy your coins at Goldah. Besides FUT 17 coins, they also sell coins for other games, so maybe you find some other interersting deals. You could buy coins for World of Warcraft or other games and you can ask them to level your account for a low price. If you want to get some extra discount, you can use our coupon/discount code ‘allaboutfifa‘.

Goldah’s coins are very good priced. They are one of the cheapest coin sellers at the moment. Below, you can see some prices.

Player Auction:

FIFA17 PS4 Coins 10K: $ 2.30

FIFA17 PS3 Coins 10K: $ 0.28

FIFA17 Xbox One Coins 10K: $ 1.86

FIFA17 Xbox 360 Coins 20K: $ 2.55

FIFA17 PC Coins 10K: $ 0.92

Comfort Trade:

FIFA17 PS4 Coins 30K: $ 6.62

FIFA17 PS3 Coins 100K : $ 3.03

FIFA17 Xbox One Coins 30K: $ 5.57

FIFA17 Xbox 360 Coins 10K: $ 2.67

FIFA17 PC Coins 50K: $ 4.62

FIFA Points Account:

FIFA17 PS3 1600 Points – EU Version: $ 10.08

FIFA17 PS4 1600 Points – EU Version:  $ 10.08

FIFA17 Xbox One 8000 Points: $ 36.42


You can buy FIFA 17 Coins via Goldah for Playstation 3, 4, Xbox One (360), Android and PC.

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[Total: 5   Average: 4.4/5]
[Total: 5   Average: 4.4/5]