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FIFACoinsZone is another coinseller who only sells FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 coins. They have a clear site on which you can see an explanation for the different ways of buying your FIFA 16 coins and FIFA 17 vouchers. They have 3 ways of buying your FIFA 16 Coins, which we will explain all to you. First of all, you can buy a new account for FIFA 16 which has the designated amount of coins you bought. The delivery time for this is instant, as they stated on their site. If you want to buy a new account with 2000k of coins for the Playstation, you will need to pay $15. This is similar to various other sites. I believe this is a good way if you want to start fresh, because for 2000k you can buy a lot of very good players. The second way of buying your coins is called ‘Coins Recharge’ in which you need to give your account details to FIFA Coins Zone and they will then add the paid amount of coins to your balance. It’s a really easy way of getting your coins, because it will take no trouble for you. Please reset your Security Question afterwards. The price for this one is $13, but then for 1000k. It’s a lot more expensive, but that is simple to understand. It’s best if you’ve already 50k in stock, so they can speed up the delivery. The final way of buying your coins via FIFA Coins Zone is by ‘Player Auction’ in which you need to put players on the transfer market which they will buy from you until you’ve reached the amount you bought. This one costs $8 for 1000k coins, so it’s a cheap one.


I think the option ‘Coins Recharge’ is the best one, but also the most expensive one. The disadvantage of that one is also that they have your account details, so you’ll need to change them afterwards.

If you want to buy coins at FIFA Coins Zone, please do it by clicking on our link. We earn some money for hosting if you do so, and you do not have to pay more!

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