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This is a really good looking site, because it looks reliable and clear for the visitor. They state that they are the ‘Worldwide Leading FIFA Services Provider’, so FIFA Coins Buy must be a good one. They have 4 different ways of buying your coins, divided into the ‘FIFA Points Account’ method, the ‘Player Trade’ method, the ‘Comfort Trade’ method and the ‘Account Trade’ method. First of all, you can buy a whole new account of this site, in which they have added they amount of coins to your balance. It’s a really nice way of starting fresh in FIFA 16. You can also transfer these coins to your already existing account. The price for this one is $325 for 1000k coins on PS4. Another common way of buying your FIFA 16 coins is through ‘Player Trade’ method, in which you will put players on the transfer market and the site will buy these from you until you’ve reached the bought amount. You will need to pay $2.90 for 10k of coins. The last and now most popular method is the ‘Comfort Trade’ which is quite easy and get you decent amount of coins for a fair price. For 100K coins you pay $ 32.56 on PS4.

I think the option ‘Comfort Trade’ is the best one, but also the most expensive one. The disadvantage of that one is also that they have your account details, so you’ll need to change them afterwards.


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[Total: 4   Average: 1.8/5]