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This coinseller is, as you can see it by his name, only focussed on FIFA 15 and FIFA 16coins. This helps you by getting the best price for your coins. I think there site is not really clear, because it’s a mess, which you see a lot at coinselling sites. If you look at their prices, they are also expensive. They are at least $2 more expensive than Goldah per 1000k coins. If you buy a lot, I would recommend you to buy it at Goldah (onze affiliate link). An advantage of FIFACoin is that you can buy different things, which they divided into three categories: ‘Mule Account’, ‘Comfort Buy’ and ‘Players Auction’. I will explain these for you. Mule Account is that you buy a pre-filled account with the amount of coins you bought. The cheapest one is for the Playstation 3/4, where you can buy 2000k of coins for only $14. I think that is a really fair deal, because 2000k of coins is a lot in-game! The price for 1k coins is there $0.007. Comfort Buy is that you hand over the account details to FIFACoin and that they will add the coins you bought to your balance. It’s best if you’ve already 50k in stock, so they can speed up the delivery. The price for this is one is $0.012 per 1k coins. The third and last option is Players Auction in which you list players until the ordered amount of coins is reached. The ‘Price Band Max’ of each player must be at least 40k. The price for this one is $0.008 per 1k coins.


I think the option ‘Comfort Buy’ is the best one, but also the most expensive one. The disadvantage of that one is also that they have your account details, so you’ll need to change them afterwards.

NOTE that currently only Player Auction and Comfort Buy is working for FIFA 17 on FIFACoinsZone site so if you are looking for different way of buying FIFA 17 coins check out our other coin suppliers.

If you want to buy coins at FIFACoin, please do it by clicking on our link. We earn some money for hosting if you do so, and you do not have to pay more!

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[Total: 1    Average: 5/5]
[Total: 1    Average: 5/5]

2 reviews for FIFACoin FIFA Coins

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    Stefan Maio

    Best and cheapest coin seller as far as I know. They are better than Goldah, especially when it comes to their helpdesk. I had a problem with getting my security down, so they could send money to my account, but they solved that! Very good!

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    FIFACoin is also a coinseller for especially FIFA 15 coins, which will help you by getting cheaper coins. Their site has not a really clear design, but that is similar to other, smaller coinsellers. They have their main focus on selling coins, which I understand. I would suggest them to improve their site, because if you compare it to Goldah, they are way behind. Because they are not as big as other sites, they have a smaller stock, which means that their price is higher. For buying coins, they offer you three different ways, which we will show to you. The first one is called Player Auction , in which you will need to place players on the FIFA 15 Transfer Market, so that the site can buy them from you. There is one restriction: the players need to have at least a Price Band Max of 40k. Otherwise it would take too much time For 1000k worth of coins, you’ll need to pay $8. The second way of buying your coins is Mule Account , in which you buy an amount of coins which you will get delivered on a new FIFA 15 Ultimate Team account. From there, you can transfer them to your main account. You’ll need to pay $14 for an account with 2000k coins. The final way of buying your coins, Comfort Buy is that you hand over the account details and they will then put up the bought amount of your account. This is a risky, but easy method. This one will cost you $12 for 1000k coins.

    If you want to buy coins at FIFACoin, please do it by clicking on our link. We earn some money for hosting if you do so, and you do not have to pay more!

    Design of the site: 4/10
    Prices compared to others:9/10
    Ways of buying: 7/10