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FIFAUltimateamCoins, look very closely to the name, are one of the better coinselling sites. They offer you various ways of buying, but that all on a site that looks not really well designed. The logo of the site is pretty basic, even as the chosen colors on the site. This helps not really by getting a proper image of the site, but I can ensure you that they offer a reliable coinselling program. Which is an advantage of their site, is that they show you their current stock. On the moment of writing, they have 10M in stock on every console, so that is proper filled. For buying coins on this site, there are three different ways you can use. The first way of buying is called Account Trade in which you can buy a pre-filled account, filled with the amount of coins you bought. This one is popular by players who want to start with a clean win-ratio, but you can also transfer these coins from the new account to your main account. This method is most popular on Playstation, which means that the prices are lowest on that console. For a new account with 2000k of coins, the price is $26. The second way of buying your coins is called Comfort Trade , in which you hand over your account details to the site and they will then fill up your balance with the amount of coins you bought. This is an expensive and risky way, so be careful when you choose this one. On the other hand, it’s also the easiest, because you can relax and wait. For 500k of coins on Playstation, the price is $10 (two times more expensive then Account Trade ). Finally, Player Auction , in which you put up players on the Transfer Market (with a Maximum Price Range of over 40k), and they will then buy it from you until you reached the amount you bought.

NOTE that for FIFA 16 only Player Auction is currently available on their site .

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Design of the site: 6/10
Prices compared to others: 8/10
Ways of buying: 8/10

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