FIFACoinsCake: Review

The next site of reviewing is FIFA Coins Cake, company start last year and already proven to be quick, cheap and trustworthy coins seller. As they state on their site: Secure Transaction , Competitive Prices and Manual Delivery . Especially the last one is an unique selling point, because this means that every order has gone through a process of personal checking, instead of coded programs that other sites use. For FIFA 16 Manual Delivery is the safest way of coin delivery and avoiding getting a ban.

They offer you two ways of buying your coins, which we will explain both to you. The first way of buying your coins is by buying a Player Auction , which you can do on PS3,PS4, XBox One and PC. For $3.90 you get 5K coins on PS3, on PS4 its $1.45 for 5K coins, on Xbox One its $2.15 for 5K coins and for PC it is just $0.50 for 5K coins.

The second, and final way of buying your coins is by just hand over your account details to them, and they will put up the coins on your account. You can use this method on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. The price are as following, $9.60 on PS4 for 30K coins, $13.80 on Xbox One for 30K coins and $45 on PC for 500K coins. I think these price are a currently quite competitive and they offer you a reliable service and a fresh site. Their stock is alright, and the information is clearly stated on the site! Use this site especially for Playstation coins, because they are priced the best!

If you want to buy coins at FIFA Coins Cake, please do it by clicking on our link. We earn some money for hosting if you do so, and you do not have to pay more!

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Design of the site: 8/10
Prices compared to others: 9/10
Ways of buying: 9/10

[Total: 5    Average: 3.2/5]

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[Total: 5    Average: 3.2/5]