Yaya Touré

The player review of this time is about Yaya Touré, the famous midfielder of Manchester City and Cote d’Ivoire. He is a real tank, who can score goals, but can also defend his opponent really well. Due to these gifts, we decided to make a player review about him and his performances in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.

Current price PS4 (17 november 2014): 276.000
Current price Xbox One (17 november 2014): 161.000

FIFA 15 UT: Yaya Touré Review

This guy is really insane, because most of his stats are above the 80! You can also see this at his price, because that is in my opinion a lot of coins. Below I’ve made a list of the strong points of Touré and you can decide if you want him in your team or not!

  • His strength: as I said already, this guy is an absolute tank. He is one of the strongest players in the game, and this is for a center midfielder really special. EA rated him 92 for strength, and that is insane. This is one of the points you will definitely notice when you try him out, because he will walk past defenders like they aren’t there.
  • His passing: with 86 short passing, Touré is for sure a above average midfielder. His passing will help you in the attack, but he it is also really helpful when he won the ball from an attacker! His long passing is 83, so he can easily deliver the ball to the other side of the pitch.
  • His shooting: like his passing, his shooting is also amazing. 86 rated for a midfielder, that is pretty special! When you combine this with his long shots of 84, you can score easily from outside the box!
  • His free kicks: if you need a free kicker in your team, here is the solution! His 85 free kick accuracy lets him score plenty of goals, so feel free to try to this out!
  • His vision: this, in combination with his passing, makes him in my opinion one of the best midfielders in the game. His vision of 85 makes sure that he’ll notice player who are walking in the free space, so you can give a in-depth pass!

In the video below, YouTuber JPizzleFIFA will give a review about this player!

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