Ever since I packed the SIF (second in-form) card of Antoine Griezmann on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team I just simply had to do a player review on him. I would not usually do a player review on an inform player unless that player was very special so this just shows how good SIF Antoine Griezmann is. If you have 400,000 coins lying around your Ultimate Team then I seriously recommend you to buy this player as you won’t regret it. So, without further ado, let’s begin this very special player review.

Antoine Griezmann’s SIF card is rated at 84 and is positioned as a striker. His normal card, however, is 82 rated and is positioned as a left winger. This is his second appearance in the TOTW which is why his card rating jumps two places rather than one. He also possesses some absolutely insane statistics in his locker. His SIF card has got 87 shot, 87 dribble and 87 pace which is enough to frighten any opposition. As for his in-game stats, he’s got attacking position at an incredible 97, agility is 92, finishing 90, 87 sprint speed, 87 acceleration and 91 volleys. ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

As for weak foot he’s got 3 star weak foot and 4 star skill moves. The skill moves are very overpowered as you can easily glide past players which then leaves you one-on-one with the goalkeeper and you guessed it, you score. Simple. His weak foot however isn’t as satisfying as most shots either miss the goal completely, or it just daily cuts safely into the keepers arms. nevertheless, don’t let the 3 star weak foot fool you into thinking Griezmann is a bad player, because quite frankly, he’s one of the best players I’ve ever played with on FIFA. Griezmann can also perform: finesse shots, long shots from outside the box, headers, volleys he literally has got it all in his locker.

The only specialty he possesses is Acrobat but you shouldn’t worry about that as Antoine Griezmann SIF is so overpowered it’s mind-blowing. As for him playing for me, he’s scored 50 goals in just 41 games. I know, incredible! These are all online goals against real players which also shows how overpowered he actually is. If you have any chemistry cards then the best one to add to him would be Hunter as this would boost his pace and shooting which would make him even better than he already is!

So what are you waiting for? Buy him now!!

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