This time the Player Review is about the French talent Paul Pogba, who wins the heart of the fans on his position at central midfield. He is famous for his various haircuts, and for his amazing longshots. Check out our review about him and his performances in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team!

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FIFA 15 UT: Paul Pogba Review

The star of Juventus is rated 83 overall in FIFA 15, but we are going to highlight his special, remarkable stats. He is an absolute beast on the midfield, and you will notice that when you try him in the game. His stats are amazing, but these five below are worth to be mentioned.

  • His strength: this is his highest stat in the game, because his strength is 90! This makes him one of the strongest players in the game, and combine that with a 88 physical overall rating, you can see that he is amazing.
  • His shooting: EA has given him the specialty ‘Distance Shooter’, and you can see that in his stats. With a shot power of 89 and long shots of 88, you’ll definitely score some crackers from outside the box. Let us know if you scored already one, included with a video to that goal!
  • His ball control: with 4* skills and a ball control rated 88, you can do some pretty decent skills on the midfield. Especially handy when you want some free space for a long distance shot…
  • His dribbling: if you look to the previous point, it has already made something clear. Pogba is an absolute beast when it comes to dribbling around opponents. EA only rated him 84 for dribbling, but is has to be upgraded in my opinion.
  • His heading: first, his jumping is rated 87, but if you combine that with Heading Accuracy of 81, Pogba is deadly if it comes to heading. Feel free to try this out in corners or free kicks!

In the video below, YouTuber ‘Phr3shAjayy’ will give a review about this player!

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