For the first time in AllAboutFIFA we have a silver player up for grabs in this weeks Player Review. The player in question is Maximilian Beister (74 rated); a card many FIFA 14 players will recognize for being an absolutely surreal CF card with a godly left foot. This year he is a right midfielder.


PS: 1.600 (January 3rd, 2015)
XBOX: 1.400 (January 3rd, 2015)
PC: 4.000 (January 3rd, 2015)

Maximilian Beister Player Review

For the fortune of many fans, Beister did get an upgrade from last year despite the positional change (From CF to RM), alongside more suited workrates, going from FIFA 14’s Medium/Medium to a High/Medium.

Many will first notice the good balance between his pace and his Physical attributes and as expected, he’s quick on the ball. Despite being only 180cm tall (or 5’10”), he can be a tough cookie to crack when he’s in possession due to his decent balance, agility and strength (81, 80 and 75 respectively). Although his dribbling seems to be more on the downside compared to last year, but that doesn’t stop it from being deadly… or it wouldn’t if he wasn’t left footed with only 3* Weak Foot. That’s right, if you want to use Beister to his full potential: be prepared to cut inside often to make full use of his stronger foot.

So let’s break him stat by stat, relative to his position:

86 Pace: Absolutely correct, he can be blazingly fast, his 84 acceleration and 87 sprint speed really do the job on the right wing. He can rush after a in-depth pass and break the left back’s momentum.

75 Dribbling: One of two downsides I find in Beister himself, he can feel a bit clunky when turning. This isn’t really normal for a player with his stats and his height. His 3* Skills are another thing, they’re quite smooth, specially the Roulette and the Body Feint seem more than clean enough to get this fella into a better position.

75 Shot: Another thing I just don’t understand… in FIFA 14 Beister had an amazing left foot, he could shoot from anywhere, in anyway he desired (Volleys, Longshots, Finesse shots). You name it, he scored it on his left foot, but this year his longshots and volleys seem heavily nerfed (despite his 81 shot power). The only thing that worked out was his finesse.

69 Passing: The surprise factor about this years Beister, his passing,  seemed so much higher than 69, maybe a higher 70. He kept assiting my LF and my ST (Esswein and Kadlec) over and over again. His left foot long balls are usually on a pretty spot on and his right foot can still produce some reasonable through balls and short passes.

76 Physical: Looking for a player that can actually hold the ball on the wing? Look no further. He’s short, but his balance and strength sure make up for it. FAST. Sometimes you got defenders like Kompany or Boateng just getting nowhere near the ball, which can be quite unrealistic in my opinion.

Traits: Tries to Beat Offside Trap – No. Just no. As much as I love Beister and despite his workrates, something doesn’t click on him at RF (Was using a 4-3-2-1 silver Bundesliga squad). His positioning doesn’t suit it and he should be left as a RM and in an extreme at RW.

In the end Beister is quite a viable option for the right hand side, if you have a silver (or even a mix) of a German/Bundesliga squad. This will only stand as long as you can focus on his left foot. He’s quick, he’s moderately strong and doesn’t give up on the ball easily. For the low price he’s going for you that don’t have much to lose. His short left foot magic might still bring you a pleasant surprise if he finds someone making a run on the other side of the field.

Picture is used under Creative Commons of Kathi Rudminat

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