Luis Figo, the unique Portuguese superstar

Going into this review, I wondered how Luis Figo had such a hefty price tag, I mean 5.4 million coins is a lot to drop on just one player, considering his card stats aren’t all that great. So I decided to go out and purchase him to see what all of the hype was about and I was not disappointed.

Luis Figo Player Review – FUT 15

I’ve always been an advocate of the “Legends play better in-game” comment, and for me, Luis Figo proves that. With some in-game stats like 91 ball control and 92 dribbling, the ball just stuck to his feet like glue, which combined with those cheeky 4 star skill moves was absolutely amazing


[10/10] – His dribbling was impeccable, he could glide past tackles and defenders with ease which made him open to go onto do great things and score some amazing goals. His 4 star skills also helps massively with his dribbling as you could do a roulette spin and rely on his dribbling to keep the ball for the full rotation. He was also really good at changing directions which meant if he ever found himself in a sticky situation, and when he did he could just turn on the jets and escape from defenders. Speaking of turning on the jets, let’s move onto pace.

Pace [7/10] – His pace was about as average as my segues, but if you played too his strengths it didn’t really matter. He’s not the quickest winger but he’s not that bad, I think the 83 pace really deters people from using him but because he has amazing dribbling, he doesn’t feel that slow.

Passing [9/10] – The way I used Figo was more as a play maker than anything else, not directly assisting goals but he really did run the midfield. The amount of plays he set up was insane, if you had someone with amazing heading like Falcao, the amount of goals you would score would be crazy, but as I had Crespo up front I didn’t really get to take advantage of his in-game stat of 88 crossing.

Shooting [7/10] – His shooting was disappointing, but it’s not really what you would get him for, he is more of a play maker which means his finishing and shooting is just not up to par of what you would come to expect from a 90 rated card, in saying that, having the finesse shot trait really helps, and he can score some cracker longshots if you want him too, I troubled the keeper countless times.

Physical [6/10] – Considering his pace he really did need to have some decent physical stats, but as he only has 72 strength you really notice it, he sort of makes up for it with his 83 agility but then loses it again by only having 79 balance, so in general he just isn’t the best physical winger unlike someone like CR7

So to sum up this review, He costs a lot for what he is, and even though he is very good, I really think you could do better for that amount of coins, but he really is hard to review as he’s one of a kind, he is so unique in the way you have to play with him that you really have to play with him yourself to understand fully. So if you do have 5.4 Million coins sitting in your club and you want a fresh perspective of FUT, I recommend him. But other than that you’re probably better with a Robben or Bale as they really suit the winger position.

Overall Rating [7.5/10]

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