It’s Saturday! Another silver player review on AllAboutFIFA and today we have a player that was one of the biggest Belgian young talents. Junior Malanda. I’ll be honest, I was going to review Alexander Esswein for this time, but due to the unfortunate day (January 10th, 2015), it’ll be all about Malanda.



PS: 7.900 (January 15th, 2015)

XBOX: 2.100 (January 15th, 2015)

PC: 16.000 (January 15th, 2015)

Junior Malanda Player Review – FUT 15

Junior Malanda is a player that goes on the memory of many as one of the best defensive midfielders in the Bundesliga. His 91 strength, decent pace, Medium/Medium workrates and all around good looking stats make him a player that needs to be feared by all the opponent’s players.

Although many would possibly complain about his lack of height (181cm or 5’11”), after playing quite a few matches, he seemed to be dominant in the air as he has 77 jumping.
Another disappointment would be the 3* Weak Foot and 2* Skills. While his dominant foot felt pretty decent, his left foot was a bit of a downside: His left foot isn’t trustworthy. When it comes to skill moves, there’s not much to say; I think on a CDM spot a player with 2* Skills is more than enough as you can perform the body feint.

So let’s break him down stat by stat:

72 Pace: What you see is what you get, moderate pace, more than enough for that CDM or even CM role if you need that defensive influence in your midfield. He can keep pace with almost every CAM or Striker.

69 Dribbling: Possibly one of his biggest lacks: his dribbling feels a bit sluggish, his 64 agility and 66 dribbling (In-Game Stats) aren’t even that bad for a silver CDM but I don’t recommend him if you want a CDM that is good at dribbling.

61 Passing: Felt a bit higher in-game, decent passing and he has enough power to pass the ball to any place. I had no trouble with short passes with his dominant foot, but don’t expect Xavi-like passes in here! I would use him for short passes only as his long balls just were very inaccurate.

70 Defending: Now we’re getting to the good parts! 70 defending?! No way, at least 75 or 77. This man saved me so many times it was almost surreal: very good at making tackles and decent marking. His interceptions were crucial in many occasions.

85 Physical: An 85 stat on a silver? Are you crazy? I thought it couldn’t possibly feel that way in-game! Oh man it does. 91 Strength and 84 Aggression, paired up with decent defending makes him one of the most fierce and toughest CDM’s in the Bundesliga. It’s sooo difficult to get past him and he’s the crown jewel in my defensive backline.

In the end Malanda is most certainly a player in FUT that has to be respected and even feared by opponents. His strength, good defending and decent pace make him a top class choice for the CDM spot. If you want to give your team a new style of defensive play or simply want someone to play alongside Luiz Gustavo, give Junior a go. He stops the opponent’s attackers just like they are nothing.

Rest in Peace.
Junior Malanda
August 28th, 1994 – January 10th, 2015.

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