This time in the player review, we are going to discuss about the Colombian superstar Juan Cuadrado. He was linked to Manchester United previous summer, so that makes him already famous. His speed combined with his dribbling makes him the perfect player for his position (right midfielder). Personal I am also a fan of his hair, which looks really cool, haha!

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FIFA 15 UT: Juan Cuadrado Review

As I said in the intro of this player review, Cuadrado is a fantastic player for the right midfielder position, if you are going to build a Serie A team. He is also named in the top 5 best RF/RW/RM players, so that says a lot! Below, we will sum up a few positive points of this player:

  • His dribbling: as I said already, his dribbling makes him just the perfect player for the side of the field. With 89 dribbling and 85 ball control, he is among the best dribblers in the game
  • His shooting: his long shots are 80, so that is good, but not amazing. If you combine that with his 83 shot power, you can score a lot of goals with him from outside the box, but you’ll need a lot of chances for that.
  • His skills: he is named in the top 5 best five star skillers, so you can guess that he has 5*-skills. This makes him just more worth, because his speed combined with the gift to do all skills is really special. Only a few players in the game have that.
  • His pace: his best point is his pace, with 94 sprint speed and 92 acceleration is that just amazing. This makes him one of the fastest players in the game, and that combined with the previous point makes him really strong.
  • His stamina: his stamina is also a positive point, because with 81, he can play a lot of time without getting exhausted. This is pretty useful combined with his sprint speed, because so you can make more long runs.

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