The best central defender of Bayern München, or FC Bayern, is Jérôme Boateng. This German beast is rated 85 overall by EA, which is really deserved in my opinion. Due to his amazing stats and the fact that he is around the 26k, we decided to make a player review about him!

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FIFA 15 UT: Jérôme Boateng Review

With his amazing overall rating of 85, you’ll expect that Boateng has some pretty good stats. And yes, that is true! To give you a quick summary about his strong points, we decided to make a list of five of his highest stats!

  • His heading: one of his best ratings is his heading (82). If you combine that with his jumping (78) and his following skill, you’ll notice that he is a real danger with attacking corner kicks!
  • His strength: like I said in the previous stat, his strength is amazing. He is rated 88 on that point, which makes him one of the strongest players in the game. We’ll publish a top 5 about the best defenders in the Bundesliga soon, so you can compare him then to other defenders!
  • His sprint speed: one of his favorite stats about him is in my opinion his sprint speed, which is 85. This make him so unbelievably quick that he can outpace his opponent, or he can defense a fast player easily.
  • His tackling: like many defenders, his tackling is really good. His standing tackle is rated 84, but his sliding tackle is even higher: 86! Combine that with his pace and you can win the ball really quick!
  • His shot power: this was the last stat I was wondered about, because Boateng has a shot power of 78. This sounds not really high, but for a defender it is! You can score from outside the box with it in case of an attacking corner kick.

In the video below, YouTuber ‘BayernCompHD’ will show us some highlights of this player!

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