Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. Gareth Bale.

On release day, I packed Hazard and Kompany, and after a few more sales and games played, I picked him up for the bargain price of 481,000. I knew he’d go up in value, and I didn’t think there was a safer investment out there. Ever since, he’s been a mainstay in my team, playing in the right wing position in a false nine 4-3-3 system. I used James Rodriguez as the centre forward, and the two players combined to devastating effect.

In terms of his gameplay, Bale’s primary use is running down the wing at pace before cutting in and shooting on his left foot. For the majority of my time playing with him, he’s unstoppable when he does this. Alternatively, playing one-two passes with James worked to deveatating effect. By doing this, Bale’s pace and James’ pinpoint passing led of him being through one on one with the goalkeeper quite regularly. Bale can also finish, which led to him scoring a lot of goals this way. He can also pass himself, as well as take a mean set piece. I used him for corners, free kicks and penalties, preferring his execution to James’. His passing ability should also be praised, as he often plays perfect through-balls to players making forward runs. To me, he’s the total package and irreplaceable on the right wing.

He’s played 60 games for me so far, and he’s bagged 74 goals and 21 assists. This is by far and away my most impressve stats with a single player on any edition of ultimate team.

Onto his attributes:

Pace 10- This one’s kind of obvious. No defender will match him for pace, so if you beat the defender, he won’t recover and catch you. Add a hunter chemistry style, and he becomes even quicker, making him even more devestating.

Shot 9- I was very impressed. When I bought him I thought he’d finsih a lot of one-on-ones in the box, which he did, but I was so impressed with his long range shots when cutting in on his left. He hit the ball with great power, and half the time they were finding the top corner. His finesse shots aren’t amazing, but they can still be lethal with practice.

Pass 8- overall, he’s a decent passer of the ball. His through balls are accurate and his short passes and one-two’s are tidy too. I don’t cross too much, but on the rare occasions I did cross, Bale did it very well, with pace and accuracy.

Dribbling 9- Due to his incredible pace, he seems to ghost past players. I think some players, Messi, even James etc have nicer close control, but Bale’s dribbling with his pace is excellent. It’s more than good enough to blaze through the heart of your opponent’s team. You don’t notice his relatively low 77 agility stat, largely due to the power and pace in his runs

Defending 8- His strength and pace are brilliant for stealing the ball back and starting counter attacks. He didn’t do any real defending for me as he was deployed as a winger, but his physical attributes make him more than ample for the task.

Physical 9- He’s a beast, with excellent pace, power and aerial ability. A true athlete, which shines through in game. He feels faster than any player I’ve used, including Walcott and Biabiany, which is due his dribbling and stength, which seemingly make him unstoppable.

His high attacking work rate and medium defensive work rate work perfectly. He’s always high enough up the pitch when the team is attacking, and he’s always far enough back to recieve the ball from defenders which can lead to defeating counter attacks.

His 4 star skills are a nice option, giving the player another option rather than sheer pace when it comes to taking on defenders. His weak foot is 3 stars, meaning he can score effectively with his right foot, but his shot is slightly inconsistent on that side.

So, my advice is pounce on him before be going to 750,000+, he’s the games number one option for a right midfielder or winger.

In summary:


  • Pace
  • Dribbling
  • Power
  • Shot
  • Pass


  • Relatively expensive
  • Inconsistent weak foot

If you have the coins, splash them on this sound investment, you won’t feel let down!

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