Brown Ideye is one of the cheapest gold strikers in the BPL in FIFA Ultimate Team 15. He is only around the 500-550 coins and he fitted into my BPL team very nicely.  He is a 76 rated Non Rare, but I think he deserves more. The review about the striker of West Bromwich Albion is below:

Current price PS: 500 coins
Current price Xbox: 550 coins

FIFA 15 UT: Brown Ideye Review 

This guy is so cheap I think he should be in all BPL starter teams. Below I have a list of his strong points, so you can see if you want to play with him or not. Based on my opinion his price/quality is above average, but you can try it out yourself! It’s only a few coins.

Pace: If there is one thing I learned at the start of FIFA 15, it’s that pace is OP. Ideye has 83 pace so he can run past the defenders with ease. If you want a pacey striker without spending all your hard earned coins, than Ideye is your man.

Finishing: Ideye has amazing finishing and long shots. Quite a few times I have shooted from ridiculous angles and areas of the field and he always scores. Unless you shoot from your own half or right in the middle of the pitch, you should score!

Physical: This guy hardly ever loses the ball to defenders. Ideye is really strong so he can shake off tackles. He has amazing 4 star skill moves. He has a high rating for jumping and he has decent heading accuracy so you should keep him in the box for corners.

Dribbling: Brown Ideye has 72 dribbling which is good for such a cheap striker. It looks like the ball is glued to his feet. He has only 67 ball control but it feels like he has at least 70.

I think you should include Ideye in your starter squad but let me know what you think and leave your comments down below. I hope you liked my first player review.

The featured image is used under the Creative Commons of Warwick Gastinger


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