This young star of Ajax, Anwar El Ghazi, is one of the bigger talents in FIFA 15. He is famed for his good winger skills and his high ball control. He has some pretty decent skills and is rated 74 after the winter upgrade he received! This +2 since his old rating is one of the reasons for his review.

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FIFA 15 UT: Anwar El Ghazi Review

With his 74 overall rating you want to know what his special points are, well, we’re going to sum the best five of his points up for you! Below these few lines of introduction you can find these points:

  • His dribbling: for a right winger, he has a good dribbling! Remember that he is only a silver, but his dribbling lies around 82. Also his ball control and his 4* skills help him with succeeding the perfect dribble.
  • His sprinting: his highest rated skill is his sprinting/acceleration, because that is rated on 84. The right winger can use this to beat the defenders of his opponent, and give a long ball to your striker!
  • His shooting: El Ghazi has a pretty decent shot power with 80, so you can use him to score amazing distance shots. His finishing is 70, so you will need to shoot from the perfect angle.
  • His crossing: this is one of the points he need to improve, because it is average, 74. If this point will be improved in FIFA 16, he is deadly winger!
  • His strength: he has 77 strength, which is oké for a right winger. He will not be outstrengted by your opponent’s defender, so he has a higher chance of succeeding.

In the video below, YouTuber ‘TheOfficialDSG’ will show us some highlights of this player!

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