Silver Saturday once again and we do have a treat for you! Everyone should already be familiar with this name. Alexander Esswein, the monster that caused so many controllers to be broken in FIFA 13 and 14 is back once again in the new edition and for many thankfully still a left midfielder.



XBOX: 4.500 (January 22nd, 2015)

PlayStation: 6.600 (January 22nd, 2015)

PC: 11.250 (January 22nd, 2015)

Alexander Esswein Player Review – FUT 15

Alexander Esswein, one of those players that symbolize “sweat”, pace and the word “overpowered” is still looking quite fancy this year. High pace, great shooting, some pretty moderate strength and considering how post patch  strength does matter a little more in the meta-game it would be no surprise to see this man oftenly on the opposing team. Skillers will still be rather unhappy with this gentleman as he as usual only has 3* Skills and 3* Weak Foot. Medium/Low Workrates aren’t bad but wouldn’t suit his natural card position of a left midfielder. This card is just made for an attacking role, Left Wing, Left Forward, even a striker on 6 Chemistry suits him a lot better. Esswein simply felt wasted playing so defensively on the natural position. 183cm (6’0″) of height provide him a good presence on the field and it doesn’t affect his pace at all. Surprisingly also the fact he has a dominant right foot and great shot power makes him a threat on the long range.

So let’s break him stat by stat:

91 Pace: Yes, yes, yes! He’s as quick as ever, he’s lightning! Blazing past defenders is no issue at all and once he’s running, nobody will catch up to him. Those who like to cut into the middle can expect a great acceleration and the ability to get off the mark in a snap.

74 Dribbling: The most awkward part on Esswein, his technical dribbling, is quite bad. He holds the ball badly and seems to not work while playing slowly, but on the run it’s completly different. This man just isn’t made to go slowly.

70 Shot: His shooting will be the death of your opponents goalkeeper…if you don’t finesse it. Power shots only, his curved shots are horrible. It seems weird considering on how finesses around the keeper seem the tactic to go to for finishing up close, but it doesn’t work on him. That is because they’re way below average. Power shots on the other hand are his bread and butter, 84 shot power shows easily when keepers like Courtois don’t even move when a rocket is let loose by the magnificence of his right foot.

64 Passing: Honestly there’s not much to be said about this, it’s average, it’s just average. Short passes seemed fine, does the occasional mistake and that’s about it. His long passing isn’t much different, basic passes will be made easily, but passing like Pirlo or Xavi are of another type which doens’t suit him.

74 Physical: Paired with 91 pace, this man has 77 Strength and 76 Aggression, it’s mental, he almost cannot get knocked off the ball on the run. The only time you’ll see him lose the ball will be on his clunky dribbling. Just run in that marvelous straight line as if it was a drag race!

In conclusion Alexander Esswein is just as good as he was in the past years. Pace beyond belief, quite high strength and world shattering power shots. In all honestly he’d be in my top 3 of Bundesliga LW/LF, only surpassed by the more expensive Reus and Ribery.
If you’re looking for a quality winger that can just torment your opponent with pace and good power finishing i’d say definitely give this card a spin. He’s just as good as he ever was and his controller breaking legacy is far from over.

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