Fut Database

Fut database. We have several fut databases active with extensive player data. Select the year of the fut database you are looking for. You can select the players from the database for their in depth statistics. On the player information page you can also find all their card versions it is also possible to switch there between the different years.

Fut Database filters

Once you select the desire fut database year all the players will be sorted by rating. With our filters it is possible to sort the players with tons of different options. You can for example chose to sort only by specific position or curtain card type like TOTW-Gold. AllaboutFIFA fut database contains also special ratings like the beast rating. With the beast rating our algorithm sorts the players by selecting several important values for an beasty player and shows them in order.

It is as well possible to search for players by selecting their clubs or by selecting leagues. On request we can even add sorting options to our filters to help our readers in their search for the perfect build.

Fut Database data

Once you chose the FIFA 17 or FIFA 16 year the table will be loaded with all the players with their basic info. Basic info is the PAC,SHO,PAS,DRI,DEF and PHY. For the goalkeepers it’s the same only then the tables will show GK main stats. Above the tables you have the option to select other statistics. By simply clicking on Physical, Mental and one of the Technical buttons. The tables will than show more detailed info like the heading accuracy ,ball control, crossing, etc… This also offers the opportunity to sort players by those specific statistics. Click for example on the Crossing and the player with highest crossing ability will show as first in the table.

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